The PM Programme has a Flickr account

This made me laugh today: Flickr: BBC Radio 4 – PM Programme. There are several things that are brilliantly entertaining (in a techie way) about this in my view.

1. It’s a free account

2. The pictures are TINY and out of focus. Gloriously amateurish.

3. They haven’t set up a proper url for it (e.g.

And the blog is fun as well, at, with Eddie Mair keeping the blog in keeping with the programme very nicely indeed. I think this is far more interesting than the Newsnight content. Newsnight try a bit too hard, while PM seem to just be having fun with the possibilities. Good stuff.

3 Replies to “The PM Programme has a Flickr account”

  1. Yes, I agree about this site, particularly the the amateurishness.
    But the main reason for putting a comment on you blog is that I wanted to send you a fan email and wisely you don’t publish your address.
    I wanted to tell you that Naked Translations, both aesthetically and functionally, is one of the very finest blogs I have ever seen. It matches the content, but that of course is down to Céline.
    All good wishes.

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