As my English teacher almost used to say, compare and contrast the logo, branding and feel of and

When I did just that, I found it hard to work out how Yellow Pages could think anyone might confuse Yellowikis for, but the BBC reports that they do. The bit that really got me:

Yell is arguing that the use of the name Yellowikis, the yellow logo used by the service and its positioning at the top left of the website “amounts to a misrepresentation which may result in third parties associating the website registered in your name with out client”.

Logo in the top left? Yell really made an innovation there…

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  1. it’s all yellow and the slogan seems to be “Yellow Pages for the 21st Century”. As my barrister almost used to say – that is ‘passing off’.

  2. Really? I mean, but, really?

    I do take your point about the use of “Yellow Pages”, but do you really think anyone would mistake one for the other?

  3. well obviously they DO. And why wouldn’t they? Is there any special relation between *yellow* and phone numbers other than the brand Yellow Pages? I wouldn’t assume so, and so would conclude that if it’s called “yellow something” and does the same thing as yellow pages the two would be, if not the same service, then at least affiliated. It strikes me as being a quite blatant attempt to confuse. Unless I am missing something about the significance of yellow (web) pages.

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