Everybody loves to surf

Last weekend, Sarah and I took my sister surfing in Devon. We were nervous: Devon is cold and wet this time of year and we feared my sister wouldn’t like surfing enough to make up for the elements. We needn’t have worried. Octavia very boldly booked in for two surf lessons, knowing that she’d be unlikely to hire surf equipment herself. The surf school provided nice, thick wetsuits (warmer than the ones Sarah and I were wearing), and the early Saturday morning group was made up of friendly women up for some fun. Octavia stood in her first lesson, and by the end of her second lesson on Sunday, was standing consistently. Much as I hate to say it, she learnt a lot faster than I did. The surf school photographer took some pictures to prove the point.

So far, Sarah and I have got Sarah’s brother, Gabriel and Katy, Céline, and Octavia into at least one surf lesson and they’ve all loved it. There is only one conclusion: everybody loves to surf.