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Oh My Word! Google Calendar is amazing. Granted, I’m used to Outlook calendars, which are pretty awful, but Google Calendar just seems to do so many things so well. My experience with electronic calendars has been so poor in the past that I currently happily use a paper diary. I don’t think Google Calendar will take me away from paper; after all paper is easy to carry around, doesn’t run out of battery, and you can do fuzzy things with it like write small for things that don’t matter, or put lines through series of days (yes, electronic does this too, but I find it far more distracting in electronic format than on paper), or write in different bits of the day to represent different sorts of item…. Anyway… Google Calendar does have some amazing potential, mostly in its ease of colaboration and open standards. You can also customise it just enough to make it your own (e.g. you can set up a custom view of just the next 6 days, say, rather than standard week view).

As I say, though, the key thing is in colaboration. Google Calendar lets you share your calendar, or just your availability, and it lets you subscribe to multiple other calendars as well. So, I can imagine clubs and social groups setting up calendars that members can subscribe to. It also does some clever-sounding stuff with invitations and RSVPs that I’ve not played with yet, but look very promising. And it’ll integrate with Gmail (it thinks it does already, but I found that was very clunky at the moment).

Enough of the rave. Check it out yourself. It’s fun (and made me go ‘wow’ a lot today…)

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  1. You have to love Google… I just used my Google mail account, and I thought I would check my spam folder, you know, just in case anything had slipped in that shouldn’t have… what do I see at the top of the page? Google Ads has serverd me an ad called “How to make spam casserole”. Priceless. Though with the sort of emails I have been getting lately, it would also be pretty tasteless!

  2. And now one for “spam pie”.

    If I were cynical and manipulative, I’d think of a way to abuse this…

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