Amazingly efficient trip to the doctor

I had a great experience with the NHS today, and thought it worthy of mention since I’d certainly have moaned if it hadn’t gone well.

I’ve got an ongoing problem with my ankle since a hard day’s snowboarding about two years ago. My GP suggested I see an osteopath, which I have been doing, but the osteopath is now at a loss to know what is wrong. He suggested I request an x-ray from my GP, in case I have artritis. Here’s what happened this morning.

8.55 – I arrive for my 9.00 appointment with the GP.

9.05 – I see the GP and explain my situation. She asks me a couple of questions and then fills out a form requesting an x-ray. I have to attend my local hospital in normal office hours.

9.25 – I reach my local hospital, which happens to be between my GP’s surgery and my work.

9.30 – I find the x-ray department and hand over the piece of paper from my GP.

9.45 – I have my ankle x-ray.

9.50 – I leave the hospital, get on the tube and get to work only 40 minutes late.

Astonishingly brilliant.

I get the results in 2 weeks.