“New standards for website access” – but you’ll have to pay to find out what they are

The BBC reports today that the British Standards Institution has produced a report about website accessibility, giving lots of helpful information to ensure websites are accessible to disabled users. Thinking that sounded very interesting, I dashed over to the BSi website, RNIB website, and the Disability Rights Commission website, all of which were linked from the BBC story. The RNIB and BSi websites don’t say a thing about it. The Disability Rights Commission website shouts at you, but has a nice clear link to the press release about the new standards. And there it becomes clear that you have to pay £30 for a copy of it, available in PDF, braille and Welsh, amongst other formats.

I really think these things should be free and easy to search and reference online. £30 is setting the bar too high for organisations that still may not understand the importance of accessibility.