Ebay usability really sucks

Ebay is a fantastic concept with some mind-bogglingly poor execution. Just a rant, really, but I am fed up with the following:

  • Having to log in to Ebay every time I start a new session, despite saying I would like to be ‘remembered’.
  • The new Javascript thingy that pops up to tell me what else I could do with the Bid Now button, but ignores my pleas to not tell me that again.
  • The way chosing to ‘watch an item’ leads to a page refresh that is seriously clunky.
  • The way the saved searches just don’t work – they send you the same info again and again.
  • Other minor niggles too numerous to mention.

Now, I know full well that this is an old implementation of some technology that was clever at the time – I just can’t help feeling they are tinkering with the edges (like the javsascript thing), rather than dealing with some core problems, and the only thing that lets them get away with it is the undeniably large userbase. I wonder what it would take for users to move to a system that made life easier, but allowed the same basic functionality.