Coming out to the doctor

Doctor: Are you using any family planning methods?
Me: No.
Doctor: Do you have a need for any family planning methods?
Me: No; I’m a lesbian.

After years of prolonged conversations with doctors and nurses, I have discovered this is the only way to stop them trying to get me to take contraceptive pills, and I now try to say it early in the conversation so we can move on. Unfortunately, by being so straight forward about it, it’s possible to come across as strident, and I fear I may have slightly freaked out my doctor. What I particularly liked today, though, was the way my doctor asked if I had a need for contraception, rather than asking if I was sexually active (where the implication is that I would only be sexually active with men). Full marks to her.

2 Replies to “Coming out to the doctor”

  1. The way I came out to my doctor:

    dr: are you sexually active?
    me: yes
    dr: what are you using for birth control?
    me: nothing.
    dr: and why is that?
    me: my partner and I don’t use sperm. I’m gay.

    at which point, she sifted through my chart, embarrassed that she hadn’t known about it before, asking “did you already tell me this?” Did I already know?” gotta love your doctors……

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