The power of relaxation

I was talking to my grandmother last night and she got to telling me about the power of relaxation. When she was at school she and her classmates were told to lie down and relax every lunchtime. They would get their ration of one sweet, lie down,  and the teacher (or Matron?) would come around and lift up their arms or legs to check they were suitably relaxed. So far, so slightly surreal. However, my grandmother perfected this technique and is able to relax her whole body without thinking about it, a skill that has proven useful over the years.

When my grandmother was giving birth to my mother, she used these relaxation techniques to fall asleep between contractions, causing astonishment amongst the nurses attending to her and reducing the pain she felt. And, really importantly, now she’s in her 90s and frail, despite having had a few falls over the past few years, she has been lucky enough to not break any bones (I really hope I’m not tempting fate by writing this here). She attributes this to her ability to relax during the fall. Indeed, when she fell in the street a year or two ago, one of the men who helped her afterwards said he was astonished to see her fall as she appeared to be melting into the ground.

Having heard all this, I have resolved to practice my relaxation technique in preparation for snowboarding. My grandmother thinks that my injuries over the years would have been avoided or at least reduced had I relaxed on impact.

Now, that’s the sort of snowboarding training I like the sound of! Lying about on the floor, relaxing everything I can. Result!

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  1. great that that entry is next to a picture of a very relaxed looking grandmother. Goodness she is loopy. In fact, all I have to say to that is “Lock up all chickens!”

    fond regards,

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