Smoking ban

I have to say I am thrilled at the smoking ban that went through the Commons this week. The government is going to ban smoking in all enclosed public spaces from summer next year. I don’t smoke, which makes it an easy win for me, but I can hardly wait to be able to go to the local pub or restaurant without returning home stinking of smoke. And trips to the Borderline, traditionally resulting in sore throats and having to wash everything that went into the venue, will be transformed.

Sarah has a theory that the smoking ban will lead to a reduction in the consumption of alcohol as people won’t have such dry throats. She also thinks that people’s improved taste buds will lead to greater demand for quality drinks – real ales, drinkable ciders etc. Now, that would be cool.

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  1. “I can hardly wait to be able to the local pub or restaurant without returning home stinking of smoke”

    Well, Jemima, how lucky for you that you don’t have to work in a dirty, smelly environment then. And that you can afford the luxury of washing everything “that went into the venue” like the little cleanliness freak you sound like. Ah, tolerance… whatever happened to that. Enjoy your cheap and small-minded victory before something precious to you is taken away from you, by this “Government”.

    As regards Sarah’s “theory”, allow me to simply burp. You sad, sad people, with your sad, sad little pictures…

  2. I get as much spam as actual comments. Moderation is not the same as censorship. Equally, there is absolutely no reason why I should allow anyone to post abuse about me on my website.

    Not quite sure what to say to the argument as a whole, but I’ve been pretty tolerant of people smoking in my face for years now, and I’m glad I won’t have to be anymore.

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