Snowboarding photos

Jemima in her snowboarding gearI’m in the process of redesigning the site, but here are my photos from snowboarding with Gabes, Katy and Sarah just after Christmas. We had a great time.

Valloire is a nice town, but the resort is better for skiiers than boarders if we’re honest.

The highlight for me was probably having a lesson with an ex-pro snowboarder who taught us how to do 360s and some other technques to improve our boarding and she was very nice to boot. Katy had a few more lessons with her and it did absolute wonders for Katy’s confidence.

We stayed in an appalingly run hotel, but the town compensated for that – great places for breakfast, lunch and dinner and a friendly crowd.

Crucially, we went down lots of red runs and it turns out that Sarah’s remedial snowboarding lessons may have paid off. She’s certainly faster and better than she was when we went before. Ah well, I shall have to tease her about something else now…

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