Nominated for a web award

Oh me, oh my. Naked Translations (which I designed and built) has been nominated for a web award! The site’s been shortlisted for the Leapfrogg Searchability Award in the Brighton & Hove Web Awards. Obviously, I take full credit. I mean, it can’t be anything to do with Céline’s writing or nothing, oh no.

I’m dead chuffed as the site’s up against some really professional competition. Results are announced tomorrow, so let’s bask in the glory today :-)

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  1. Jemima, I’m afraid in all conscious I will have to object to this award because it’s in the searchability section and unfortunately you are still notorious at the Prolific Studiousness Infirmary for sabotaging the University of Wombatster’s search engine by your willfull insistence on a search engine that worked…Well done Jemima – any chance you can give Phil a job?

  2. The odd thing about the Searchability Award (which we didn’t win, sob, sob) was that we weren’t sure what it meant. I thought it meant internal navigation – can you search the content while you’re on the site and find what you’re looking for? Céline thought it meant how well the site performed for search engines.

    Obviously, both are a combination of design and content. Céline is particularly good at writing clearly and giving her posts titles that make sense. This makes it easier to search her site internally and improves her search engine ranking. I have tried to design the site to make the most of these strengths.

    It turned out, according to Céline who was at the ceremony, that the award was for search engine performance. An odd thing to give an award for, in my view, but interesting none-the-less. And the winner is certainly worth checking out – Responsible Travel is a great idea with a nice design (although, ironically, I think their internal search could be better).

  3. Hello again, it’s the Swansea coffee person. Sorry to butt-in on your blog every 6 months.

    Anyway I’m afraid I’m kinda glad that you didn’t win the award because I followed your link to Responsible Travel and they helped me out no-end with an essay I’m writing about Ecotourism in Remote Areas.

    Hope the surfing is going ok.

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