Sheryl Swoopes, high profile basketball player, comes out

I don’t follow basketball and until today I’d never heard of Sheryl Swoopes, but she’s just come out. It’s a really interesting piece – considered and sensitive about the complexities of sexuality. My favourite line, though, is

But the talk about the WNBA being full of lesbians is not true. I mean, there are as many straight women in the league as there are gay.

Genius! I love the implication that gay is pretty much the norm there. Can you imagine a gay male footballer in the UK coming out and saying “there are as many straight men in the league as there are gay”?

One Reply to “Sheryl Swoopes, high profile basketball player, comes out”

  1. Never heard of her before, but I think she should be applauded for having such a cool name and being so eloquent! I assume all professional sporting people are ill educated and poor talkers, but maybe I just watch too much Premiership football. If you read the comments linked to the article, there are a few negative ones, obviously from christians (“no wonder God is making bad things happen to the US”, etc). This is to be expected, but they all add that she should not be a role model any more, not because she is gay but because she thinks she wasn’t born gay. However angry it makes me, I did stop for a moment to wonder why the subtlety of this argument matters so much. Any ideas?

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