West Wing Season 6

How loopy is this? Season 6 of the West Wing is coming out on DVD at the end of the month with no sign of it being shown on TV in the UK. I despaired of Channel 4 for showing Season 5 after a long delay and bought that on DVD before it aired as well. I guess it’s possible that enough people doing that knocked viewing figures down low enough for C4 to justify not buying it in again. Anyway, I’m not complaining, October is sorted!

2 Replies to “West Wing Season 6”

  1. Hi, I have just ‘done’ series 6 in a week with my son. I found myself not very interested in what happened in the white house and only wanted episodes on the road. I ma very worried with spoiler reports from the states that the seventh series has plummeted lower than series 5. Anyway I am starting series 5 again and then 6 (again) then hopefully series 7 dvd’s will be released soon after.

  2. I am more than half way through series 6 and can’t get over how shallow it all is. I mean, in the first few series you’d happily watch each episode a couple of times and get a bit more out of it. This series, while better than 5, is all on one level. I’m ok with the stuff at the White House, and would miss it if it went, but I agree that the stories on the road have more substance and pace. Bad news about series 7. I may have to pace the rest of series 6 now I know that :-)

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