Fashion world in drug use shocker

Céline says something I’ve been thinking about in her comment about Kate Moss. What is the big shock horror about people in the fashion world taking drugs? The Evening Standard actually did an exposé of the drug problem in London Fashion week yesterday. Um, what? Has no one heard of ‘heroin chic’? Is the Evening Standard really suggesting journalists have only just noticed all that cocaine at the parties they’ve been going to? Are they really suggesting journalists don’t use drugs? It comes across to me, someone strongly anti-drugs as it happens, as hypocritical in the extreme.

Sarah tells a story about a high class club where there is an attendant in the toilets to wipe down the tops of the cisterns between each usage. You’d have to be a pretty dumb journalist to not notice that.

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  1. I think you miss the point. The journalists aren’t writing as champions of some long lost moral cause or the social conscience of the country. They are writing to sell the story, and the readership for the most part is not urban-chic, bright young things who know about, experiment with and possibly advocate the drug scene. They are Daily Mail reading reactionary Tories or similar thereof.

    Eve x

  2. Yes, good point. What I failed to say in my post was the extent to which the media has communicated, over the past few years, that drug use is somehow really normal (which may or may not be true). One of the early headlines about Kate Moss, I think in the Standard, was along the lines of “Kate snorts 5 lines of coke in 40 minutes”. The implication here is that it is the quantity, rather than the coke itself, that’s the problem. I agree it sounds a lot, though! This, combined with a sort of lovable rogue approach to Pete Doherty’s well known drug addiction, seems to somehow normalise it. I think this normalising is a difficult and potentially dangerous thing, and I do wonder about the extent to which it reflects wider society, as opposed to, perhaps, media culture. But I also think it’s odd that Kate Moss has been singled out for the Daily Mail readers’ outrage.

  3. This just in from the Broadcasting House newsletter:

    “The word ‘allegedly’ is every radio presenters little helper – but have you heard it too much in connection with Kate Moss and cocaine? Does it really cover a journalist against an impending law suit and why do we use it so much (the word not the drug…although according to some….here at the BBC…….allegedly…you see what I mean?) If you have a moment we would also love to hear your thoughts on what Kate Moss should advertise next as she clearly has some windows in her diary now. Do send in your thoughts –

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