Buy our wave bench!

Bargains, bargains, bargains. We’re out of space in our sitting room, so Sarah’s trying to sell the wave bench she made for her birthday party in November. It looks fabby and it’s a real shame we’ve got to part with it.

We’re keeping the surfboard tables, though, which I’m really pleased about as I think they are really cool. Sarah’s been vaguely thinking about making some of these tables to sell, but we can’t work out if there’d be a market for it. Let me know if you have views on that :-)

One Reply to “Buy our wave bench!”

  1. have a friend whose flat is full of the broken surfs he has collected so far. His house looks like a surf-junk-yard and maybe the bench u are trying to sell could complete the masterpiece! gotta ask him if he is interested in buying it … u never know

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