A little less conversation, a little more action

Instead of blogging over the past few months, I’ve been:

I’ve noticed that quite a few blogs have been quiet of late. Partly of course this is because it’s the summer and people are away or at least outside, but I wonder if there’s something else there as well. I wonder if blogging of the self indulgent kind sometimes typified here is a passing trend, in the same vein as reality TV (please, oh please, let that be a passing trend). A point must surely arise when bloggers consider that what they write must be of substance, and if you’re anything like me, that’s pretty daunting. I have no tolerance for opinion pieces in newspapers, and equally little time for them online, especially when I’m writing them. The sorts of blogs I read these days need to be thought provoking and structured – not just the latest rant. So, Plasticbag.org wins because it says something new about technology and Tom writes pertinently about his own life. I don’t get news about when he last got drunk, but I do get updates about his genuinely interesting search for his father. And Emma Kennedy wins because she has variety and wit to get her through the dry spells. And Naked Translations wins because it sticks on topic (language and translation). And others lose because they forget that if it’s not interesting to your mates down the pub, it’s probably not interesting online either.

But is it also possible that as we begin to grapple with the new world order (Bush is in office, hurricane Katrina, London bombings, Iraq, ice caps melting, fuel protests, etc.), that we’re less interested in the latest celebrity gossip* and gadgets**? Maybe not…

* I saw a headline that read “Cocaine Kate’s three in a bed lesbian orgies”. Which bit is meant to be outrageous?

  • Cocaine Kate – identifies which Kate we mean, and makes it clear that she’s obviously Totally Out Of Control and immoral and therefore indulging in other immoral acts.
  • Three in a bed – implies, somehow, that a man is involved and this isn’t just lesbian orgies.
  • Lesbian – ooh, ooh, but doesn’t she have a boyfriend?
  • Orgies – lots and lots and lots and lots of sex. But not in a good way.

** What is it with everyone wanting to listen to music all the time? Without wishing to be all new age, it doesn’t help communication if half the people on the street / tube / office are wearing little white earbuds and a vacuous expression.

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  1. Yes yes yes I’m a winner! Woo hoo!

    It must be really hard to have a “personal” blog. Surely sooner or later you’ve talked about all your hang-ups, passions, hobbies, opinions etc. And then what? Do you re-hash? A brilliant blog I used to read regularly, greenfairy.com, has been very quiet in the last few weeks. The August 24 entry reads: “It is slowly occurring to me that I may have said everything I have to say”. Well, I think it’s much better to not say anything when you haven’t got much to add.

    About Kate Moss, what’s going on??? Aren’t they all on coke and worse? Why pick on her like that?

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