Weak and pathetic

Last Sunday I got ill and I’m still in recovery. It was incredible – on Saturday we went quad biking, drinking and eating, on Sunday we went to Greenwich park for the Sustainable Living fair, and on Monday I was lying in bed groaning to myself, with a raging temperature and no chance of doing anything other than groaning, aching, and sleeping. It completely knocked me out – I didn’t check email for two whole days! Normally I recover from illnesses within a few days – three days at home is the max. But this thing wiped me out completely for a week. On Friday I walked the two minute distance to the corner shop and I was feverish for the rest of the day as a result. On Sunday I managed to get to the video shop, but felt terrible for the rest of the evening. Monday saw me working from home, with occasional lie downs, a full week after getting ill. And still, today, I’m tired and struggling with things that I would normally do without thinking.

It’s been quite a shock to my system and made me aware how lucky I am in everyday life to be able to take things like walking down the road for granted.