Quad biking – the verdict

Yes, we went quad biking last weekend, and it was fantastic! It was great fun in lots of ways – a great activity, and I was lucky to go with some great people. Gabriel, Katy, Octavia, Martin, Paula, Sarah and I headed out to Walton-on-Thames for a picnic lunch. It rained a little bit, and, yes, it was rather windy. But everyone stayed in good cheer and we were well fed in time for an hour and a half of quad biking.

We were given (truly glamorous) overalls and crash helmets and headed out to the track for instructions on how to ride. They are remarkably like playing a computer game, I thought, with a button for accelerating and a foot brake that I kept forgetting about. We got the track to ourselves, and took it in turns to charge around the track on the little bikes. We had about half an hour of that, with three bikes on the go at a time, and then we got competitive. We had an individual championship thing, which I won! The trick was to not crash the bike, I discovered. And then we had team events, which my team lost (aw, shucks). At the end, I was awarded a bottle of absolutely disgusting sparkling wine as my prize, so I got to pop the cork in a celebratory manner.

In all, highly recommended!