So, I’ve forgotten how to drive.

I passed my test when I was 18 or 19 – at least 10 years ago. I learnt to drive a manual car, and learnt in central London, possibly one of the nastiest places to drive in the world. After I passed, I lived in London and then Brighton, where a car is definitely not required, so I didn’t drive at all. About five years ago Sarah and I went on holiday to California, and hired a car to drive out to Yosemite Park (which is absolutely amazing, and you should go if ever you have the opportunity – absolutely beautiful amazing place. And great pizza and beer, served outside with the animals sniffing around, but anyway…). I’d driven briefly in Canada just before then, so was not completely new to it, but was ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED driving up and down winding mountain roads. The car was a joy once I got past the fear, and I remembered that driving can be great fun. It was an automatic, though, so when a couple of weekends ago I tried to drive a manual car in central London for the first time since passing my test, maybe I shouldn’t have been so surprised when I couldn’t really remember gears. It was actually quite scary, as I knew what I should be doing, but couldn’t get my body to do it right. I also remembered basic road safety and positioning far better, having done that in an automatic more recently than I’d had to deal with gears.

So, I have booked a refresher lesson. In fact, I’ve booked two refresher lessons so far (first was cancelled, second the driver didn’t show up). The third attempt is booked for Friday. Wish me luck!