Surfing in Woolacombe

Jemima surfingFor the bank holiday weekend, Sarah, Sarah’s brother Peter, and I went surfing in Woolacombe, Devon. It was great. Cold, but great. We camped, which I’ve not done since I was about 10, which meant Sarah could make porridge over a camping stove and we could experiment with the finer techniques of filter coffee. When surfing, we wore winter wetsuits and got very cold hands and ears. My wetsuit had a hole in the knee, and I can reveal that yes, it does make a difference (lots of cold water washing around your leg, for example). We decided to have lessons because we don’t know the beach and haven’t tried proper cold water before. The school had a deal with some photographers, so we got some pictures, which are in the gallery now.

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  1. We decided on filter coffee for camping after a long discussion which included this classic line from Jemima: “Well, what does the Army do when they want a cappuccino?”

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