Woooo hooooo!

Well, Sarah and I have just got back from a week snowboarding in Les Arcs, France. We had a fantastic time and got in lots of time on the slopes. We went with a couple of friends of ours who we went with last year, and stayed in a chalet with 8 others. We got lucky with the chalet, narrowly avoiding sharing with the drunk lout we travelled out with, instead sharing with an interesting and friendly bunch. The chalet was split between skiers and snowboarders and the animosity that you sometimes get when the disciplines mix, was missing. Having been twice before, we now have an exciting array of protective wear. Sarah has: a red bowl-like helmet, wrist guards, knee pads and padded shorts. I have: a black helmet, wrist guards with yellow bits on, knee pads, and a scarf to stuff down my trousers. Not very attractive, perhaps, but better than the gross bruises we normally return with.

But who cares about that? Let’s talk about the snow! We’ve each got our own boards, having got them crazy-cheap in a sale last year, so we didn’t have to mess about hiring anything. Day one we spent warming up slowly and getting back into it. On day two, we had an hour’s lesson to get us out of the bad habits. Days three, four, five and six, we just had loads of fun in the snow. It snowed on the last two days, with really bad visibility further up the mountain, so we had some exciting runs down, trying to stay on piste and darting off for the odd bit of fun now and then. Although we didn’t get beyond the blue runs, we sure got the most out of them, and really improved our technique, going a lot faster, having a lot more control, and managing turns in a lot more challenging scenarios. We also discovered the joy of screaming with joy as we hurtle down mountains.

Woooo hooooooo!