Religion is the moral equivalent to homosexuality. Discuss.

The Guardian reports today that Buster the bunny pops on his backpack, visits lesbian family and starts row (may require registration). The headline refers to a cartoon aimed at promoting tolerance, which went too far for the Education Secretary by showing a lesbian family.

The article closes with a quote from the Focus on the Family website, which goes:

“While words like diversity and unity sound harmless … enough, the reality is they are often used by gay activists as cover for teaching children that homosexuality is the moral and biological equivalent to heterosexuality”

This is difficult territory – I am liberal enough to want to respect the religious views of pretty much everyone, but I really have a problem with the power that those religious views are having in society. Like they may say to me, I don’t care what you do in your own home, just don’t force it on the rest of society.

2 Replies to “Religion is the moral equivalent to homosexuality. Discuss.”

  1. I think Focus on the Family DO care what you do in your own home. Interesting use of the word ‘cover’ – gay people as secretive, manipulative…

    Beware anyone proclaiming moral absolutes, whether religious or not. A line from the West Wing: No one ever says ‘Oh no, here come the moderates!’

  2. What does “homosexuality is the moral equivalent and biological equivalent to heterosexuality” mean? Take the moral bit first. If it means that homosexuals count in moral questions at the same value that heterosexuals count then I would hope schools are teaching that! To teach that they count less would be repugnant and dangerous. If it means that the lives lived by homosexuals are equally to be praised or blaimed as those lived by heterosexuals then I hope they teach that too! Biological equivalence is just nonsensical: heterosexuals and homosexuals are biologically equivalent – we are the same species.

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