Gay cartoons

Here’s an interesting article about some uproar about gay cartoon characters.

“We see the video as an insidious means by which the organisation is manipulating and potentially brainwashing kids,” Paul Batura, a spokesman for Focus on the Family, told the New York Times.

Excuse me?! They are complaining because a character holds hands with another character of the same sex. Let’s keep things in perspective. When most of us were growing up the only brainwashing that went on was about how a man and woman must love each other very much and bring children into the world. Same sex relationships, in pretty much everything I saw as a kid, were either bad, or angst-ridden, and lesbians and gay men were incapable of having stable relationships. Exactly where is the brainwashing? And, given that I’m now in a stable (same sex) relationship, free of angst, exactly how well does it work?