My ancient girlfriend

Sarah turned 30 last weekend, much to my horror. For some reason, 30 seems awfully like you ought to be grown-up and sensible. Perhaps she is on the quiet. I am only a few months from the milestone myself, and I think if I’m honest, for me, 30 has always been the age at which I should have done something with my life. About a year ago I didn’t feel like I could say I had at all, but of late I feel as if things are back on track. I think surfing and snowboarding has certainly added a balance to my life that was missing before, so 30 doesn’t seem nearly as daunting now as it once did.

Anyway, it’s Sarah who now qualifies as ancient, so last weekend we had some celebrating to do. Sarah had a few days off and took the opportunity to build furniture as a birthday present to herself. I sometimes wonder about her, I really do. Anyway, she built a bench that looks like waves, and she built two coffee tables that look like surfboards. They are incredible.

On Saturday night, we hosted a dinner party for our families. It was the first time they had met and we were a little nervous. Thankfully, it all went well. On Sunday, we had some friends round to admire the furniture, drink cocktails and eat scones. Tres surreal, but good fun indeed.