Paxman vs. Howard round 2

I don’t know if you caught the fantastic Jeremy Paxman interview with Michael Howard, leader of the Conservative Party, on Newsnight this week, but it was a classic. You can see the report from Cornwall on the 22nd November on the BBC website. The Tories have complained that the edit of the piece put their leader in a bad light.

I happened to catch it and thought it was one of the most entertaining pieces of political reporting I’ve seen in a long time. Paxman made the point that Cornwall is hardly a Tory stronghold, and pointed out the difficulty the Tories have finding any policies when Labour has moved so far to the right. He interviewed some locals, quite of a few of whom hadn’t heard of Michael Howard or had contempt for the Conservative Party. And he pointed out the absurdity of the management of the press events on the day.

My favourite bit, and the bit the Conservatives have complained about, though, was Paxman asking, again, about Derek Lewis. This harked back to Paxman’s famous 1997 interview with Howard, and when I watched I laughed outloud at the cheekiness of the question being asked again.

Excellent television, I say, and a bit more spark like that might just remind people that politics doesn’t have to be dull.