“My rock”

Here is an interesting article about Kelly Holmes and her ‘friend’ and ‘rock’. I like the way the article refers casually to the one bedroom apartment and her previous close friendship with another female athlete. I also enjoy the random piece of information about Kelly dating a male athlete in the late 90s. Exactly what is this article saying? I think we all know, but we can’t say, can we? I also like the way it’s so positive – presumably because Kelly Holmes is an Olympic Hero – instead of the unpleasant angle that really could have been placed on an article like this. Bizarro. Anyway, I want Sarah to become all famous so I can be her rock. It has a good ring to it, don’t you think?

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  1. Hello…

    I loved this article on Kelly and then I thought about the other stuff you put (Hi, I’m also a Sarah!!!). Couldn’t you just be her rock even if she’s not famous? :o) !!!

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