The world of blogs

Occassionally, I lose days to surfing the internet. I’m desperately trying to make sure that today isn’t one of those days. It’s sunny outside, and not too hot, and the day is my oyster. So, it’s just darn silly to have spent the last couple of hours checking out sites and following links at random. However, it has to be said that the world of blogs is a scary and addictive thing. I have tried really hard over the past few years to not get sucked in too far, and try not to read too many other sites or write too much here. Why? Because I want a life! Not to say that a lot of these people don’t have lives; it’s just they seem to be able to manage wit, work-life balance and surfing other sites without letting it eat up sunny Saturdays. To make matters worse for me, there are interesting tools which make it so much easier to lose your Saturdays. Blogrolls, for example, which take you, easily, from site to site to site. And then there’s the peer pressure idea that bloggers should support other bloggers by reading their sites. I agree, of course, but where do you draw the line?

Sarah bought a longboard skateboard thing for me in the Lillywhites sale (£14.00 down from £60.00 or something) and I should go out and try it. I’m scared of falling off, though, so should really go with someone else. Or, I could go to the gym. Or clean the flat. Or read my book. Or I could just read some more sites… NOOOOOO! Want to get sucked into the world I’ve been inhabiting for the last few hours? Try these for starters: themanwhofellasleep, My Boyfriend is a Twat, Coffee Talk and all the sites I’ve just added to the ‘elsewhere’ bar on the homepage.

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