What an awful book

Well, I’m reading one of Dan Brown‘s books at the moment and I’m not enjoying it. His books have been topping the book sales charts for ages, and Sarah bought the Da Vinci Code for the train journey to Crodye. On the strength of that, she bought three more of his books and I’m now fighting my way through Digital Fortress. Oh, if only I was the sort of person who could stop reading a book half way through. I once, and only once, walked out of a cinema because the film was so bad. I have sat through some rubbish. But reading a bad book is worse. It lasts longer and I feel humiliated on the tube. What if people think I like this?

So, what’s wrong with it? Well, it’s highly formulaic, utterly predictable, and the writing is dull. Why does Sarah like it? Let’s just say she sat through xXx and enjoyed it.

Compare this with, for example, Timoleon Vieta Come Home, which I loved, and I wonder what is going on in the world that means that such drivel can sell so well.

End of rant. I’d better go back to trying to finish it.

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  1. apparently Digital Fortress is one of his worst books. I haven’t read that one (just the da vinci code) but you may want to give another try at Angels & Demons.

  2. Hello there. Great site. Yes! I loved that book as well. Have you ever read Death and the Penguin? I recommend it if you liked Timoleon Veita Come Home. What are your favorite reads?

  3. Oh, well, I think Arnaud is playing a nasty trick on me, luring me into another bad book I won’t be able to put down. Maybe, maybe, I’ll consider it.

    But first, I’ll dig out Death and the Pengiun which I’ve not read. Thanks for the tip, Anna. Favourite reads are hard to bring to mind, I’m afraid. I recently went through an Iain M. Banks novel which was nicely dark, but somewhat lacking in inspiration. It was a nice book to get me back into reading longer stuff, as I’d just read a stream of the Ladies Detective Agency books. I like them a lot, but they don’t exactly tax the mind. My sister reminded me of a great book today, called Love that Dog, which is worth reading in one short sitting.

  4. Well, I finished it and, to be fair, it got a bit better towards the end. I still think it’s sexist, predictable and insulting to my intelligence, but the ending was more of a page turner than the rest of it. Glad it’s over :-)

  5. Hello jemima, your sister here.
    1. you can borrow my copy of Death and the Penguin if you like. It’s dull. although I bet if i’d persevered… is there a spell check on this thing? :-) typically gloomy russian affair
    2. Noooooooo Don’t read any more Dan Brown. It’s a trap! Please. For the love of literature Don’t Do It! Having discovered Elmore Leonard how can you go back?
    3. my peas are ready so I have to go.

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