QuarkXPress 6.1 upgrade text problem

We just upgraded to QuarkXPress 6.1 at work and have run into some problems. When we opened documents previously built and saved in Quark 4 everything seemed fine. We then saved as Quark 6 documents and ran into the following error message

“This document was built with other version of some fonts or using QuarkXPress 3.1 for Macintosh (or earlier) text runaround. It will be reflowed using this system’s fonts and text runaround. [19]”

Well, the fonts were the same and we’ve never ever used Quark on a Mac. If it were just an error message, fine, but a significant amount of the text was missing from the document. Nightmare! So, how did we solve the problem? You’ll never guess.

We were opening the files from a network drive and saving them back there. If I opened the file from a network drive, saved to my local drive, and then saved to the network drive, it worked fine. I don’t know if it’s a network drive issue or something to do with saving to the same location as the original, but either way, that’s buggy! Let’s just say I’m pleased to have stumbled upon the “fix”. Hope it helps you, too.