World Parrot Day

Perhaps I am unfeasably shallow, but I was really hoping that World Parrot Day would involve lots of people dressed up as parrots. Or at least people with parrots on their shoulders. Not a bit of it. I really wondered why I bothered to head down to Trafalgar Square on Bank Holiday Monday, when all that was on offer was a bus with a few birds and a fairly long queue.

3 Replies to “World Parrot Day”

  1. By “fairly long queue”, I assume you are referring to the 5 people waiting patiently outside the bus?

  2. Yes. Short in numbers but I predicted they represented a long wait since there was no discernible system. And how long would you wait to get on a bus with a few parrots in it?

  3. Well, Jemima, did you watch the documentary on your pals Pimlico Plumbers tonight? very funny actually! They seemed like an efficient bunch though the boss was so bossy! Bloody tyrant!

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