The power of a good night out

Sarah and I went out this week to see Slaid Cleaves, a country folk singer who writes fantastic songs. We’ve been fans for a few years now and always head down to the Borderline when he’s in London. I’d had a rough week – work is busy and I’ve got a horrible cold. I’d not slept well the night before and an hour before Slaid came on stage, I was sitting in a cafe wanting to go to sleep. By the end of the night, though, I felt on top of the world. A beer or two with a couple of friends and some top class entertainment is enough to turn around any foul mood and improve the quality of life for quite a while. In fact, two days later, I’m still on a high and listening to his album virtually non-stop. That’s what living in London should be about.

“I keep pretending to be good
But I’m not living like I should”