Knee surgery? Why, I’d love to.

Well, it’s now about 10 weeks since I fell and hurt my knee while snowboarding. I’ve had about eight physiotherapy sessions and spent about 60 hours exercising my knee in an attempt to get it better. I currently have a list of 16 exercises to do twice a day, and a few extra exercices to do in the gym three times a week. And, to my horror, my knee still isn’t better. Yes, I’ve stopped limping. Yes, I can run and jump. No, I can’t sit in one position without being in pain on standing up. No, I can’t straighten my leg all the way. No, I can’t play squash. No, I can’t go snowboarding next week (as I’d hoped). No, I can’t forget it ever happened.

My physiotherapist, who is very nice and doesn’t tell me I’m mad for wanting to snowboard again, says that I can have two more sessions with him before we run out of options and have to admit defeat. Defeat, in this instance, means that I have probably torn some cartilage and I will probably have to have keyhole surgery. Yes, surgery. Let’s just say that I’m doing my exercises with renewed gusto. I’ve never had an operation before and, although everyone says it’s no big deal, I really think it sounds scary. There’s a distinct difference between having someone cut your knee open and having exciting x-rays (which was kinda fun, actually).