Baroness Young to Chair the BBC?

[update: the following is a warning of the confusion that can ensue if you skim read articles and write blog entries when you should be working ;-)]

The Guardian (may require registration) reports today that Baroness Young is on the shortlist to be the next Chairman of the BBC. You may remember Baroness Young as one of the more right wing and scary of the campaigners against the lowering of the gay age of consent. She’s profiled on the BBC site. Need it be said that I think having such a right wing politician in charge of our most respected independent media organisation is a bad idea? The charge has often been levelled at the BBC that it is left wing, but the reality is that it receives equal criticism from the left and the right. And even if the bias is to the left, let us not forget that the advantage of having a left leaning organisation is that it tends to believe, in its wishy washy way, in letting people have their say. In its permissive approach, you tend to get a broad range of views. The same can not be said of the right.

There is also an argument that the Chairman of the BBC does not have that much sway but, at this time, with the appointment of the next Director General to be dealt with, I think this could be truly scary. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

4 Replies to “Baroness Young to Chair the BBC?”

  1. You’ve got the wrong Baroness Young! That particular old harridan made a permanent departure from the House of Lords some months ago.

  2. D’oh! Well, don’t I look dumb. In the spirit of the web, I won’t take this post down, but I will feel foolish for a while ;-)

  3. It came down temporarily as a sign of goodwill – we are currently negotiating with Pimlico. If all falls through, it will probably reappear.

    I’m glad they amused you… I particularly loved the one who claimed to have read the whole list of complaints, decided we were just all bitter and went with Pimlico anyway, but promptly got screwed! Classic.

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