2.30am, what a coincidence

Sarah and I were woken at 2.30 this morning by Sarah’s phone ringing. She answered, of course, thinking there had been some huge work or family crisis. As I gradually came round, the end of the conversation I could hear made me think a number of things (apart from “what’s the bleedin’ time?”), including:

  1. It was someone from work – soon dismissed as there was no immediate crisis apparent
  2. It was a distant relative calling from abroad, unable to work out time differences
  3. It was Sarah’s brother (he’s been known to phone in the middle of the night when drunk :-)
  4. It was some distant friend of Sarah’s, trying to reverse the charges.

None of this prepared me for the utter banality of the truth. It was an old friend of ours who was phoning to exclaim at the coincidence that she is now working with someone that Sarah knew fairly vaguely about ten years ago. They were both sitting in Brighton wondering at the odd way the world goes round and were struck by the need to share that with Sarah. Yes, at 2.30 in the morning. Thanks, girls!

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  1. I saw the title of this and at first glance I thought….oh no, she’s trying to stop me sending random texts at 2 in the morning, and now I’ve red it I know that its not just me. Yippee!

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