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For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to learn French. Mum gave me a Michel Thomas CD course for Christmas and I took a couple of the CDs with me to France when we went snowboarding. The pack has got 8 CDs in it, and the first 2 are an introductory course. I’ve got quite into it, and am on CD 3 now. The CDs are designed to be paused when you get to a bit when you’re meant to think about how to say something, but I’ve found it quite hard to do this as it’s such a hassle. It definately works better when you do, though. For the past couple of days I’ve been listening to the CDs on the tube on the way to work in the morning, which is a really nice way to wake up your head before starting work. It’s also a good way to get out of work at the end of the day as you’ve got to focus on something else.

I’d really recommend the Michel Thomas approach as it puts a lot of emphasis on building confidence and knowledge, rather than remembering phrases. I was thinking that it would be good to get into reading French a bit too, as it’s quite hard to learn when my only French input is the CDs – it was much much easier to learn when we were in France. I was racking my brains for where I could read little bits of French and then I remembered Naked Translations! What could be better? Articles written in French and English, so I can try to understand in French and then check in English. Thank you Céline!

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  1. Coucou JK,

    …Ou alors il faut que tes amis commencent à t’envoyer des petits messages en français pour que tu t’exerces!

    C’est trop cool que tu aies décidé d’apprendre le français. C’est rare que je conseille au gens de regarder la télévision mais si tu as le câble chez toi, je te conseille d’essayer de regarder (et surtout d’écouter) des émissions ou des films en français. Ça aide énormément. C’est un peu dur au début mais c’est hyper efficace!!

    En tout cas fini les emails en Anglais pour JK, maintenant je sais quoi faire… hehe :)) bon courage en tous cas et fais moi signe si tu as besoin d’un coup de main!

    A bientôt!

  2. Oh dear. Let’s try, shall we…

    Hi JK,

    Here’s a little message in French for you to practice with.

    It’s very cool that you’ve decided to learn French. It’s ???? ???? television ???? cable ???? French films. [perhaps it’s good because I can then understand French films???]. ????

    I can stop sending emails in English to JK… hehe :)) good luck. ????

    See you soon,


    hmmm. Could do better.

  3. Hehe JK,

    Not bad for a first try! I didn’t make it easy and figured maybe Céline would give you a hand with it! The blanks roughly go like this:

    I don’t usually recomment TV to people but if you have cable at home, I’d advise you to try watching (and mostly listen) to French programmes or French films. It help a lot. It’s a little hard to begin with but a very efficient way to progress.

    Then… no more English Emails for JK !:) I know what to do now… hehe:)) good luck in any ways and give me a shout if you need a hand!

    There you have it!! Nice one though JK and since I’m here back in the land of the French speakers, let me know if I can get you anything that might be useful!

    A bientôt.

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