Limp, ouch, limp, limp

Well, we’re back from snowboarding and had a great time! We went to La Plagne in France, which I think was a good choice (although I have nothing really to compare it with). Snowboarding is fantastic once you get through the first three days of difficulty (and fun). Sadly, I fell on the fourth day and hurt my knee getting off a chair lift. I got down the mountain (a blue run!) but that was the end of my snowboarding holiday. I got exciting x-rays, which prove my knee isn’t broken, but I’ll be limping for a few weeks yet. Sarah managed to get through the week unscathed and went down a couple of blue runs and even a bit of a red run. I’m going to start saving for the next holiday right away. Check out the pics.

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  1. Jemima, are you sure those French doctors had a proper look at your X-rays? It looks like you’ve got the top of a Victorian house stuck in it. That might explain the limp.

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