Burr grinder

Oooooh, excitement. Sarah’s parents have bought her a burr grinder for Christmas. Or, to be more precise, have said they’ll pay for one that we choose. How fantastic is that?

So, in an excited frenzy we went to Selfridges earlier in the week and bought a very shiny Aerolatte burr grinder in stainless steel. It is designed to allow you to push the coffee holder against the frame and have it filled with freshly ground coffee. We asked for advice in the shop but made a fatal error by admitting to already having a blade grinder. This gained us only the scorn of the woman there. Therefore, we chose based on style alone.

The only problem is that on getting it home and trying it out, we soon discovered that coffee goes EVERYWHERE. All over the counter. OK, we could live with this if we just refine our technique, we say. And then we try the coffee. Yuck! It doesn’t grind finely enough for an espresso machine. Might be fine for filter etc, but not for espresso. So, today we’re going to return the gorgeous looking thing and replace it with an ugly one that works. hey ho.