Snowboarding lesson

Oh, the pain, the pain. Everyone says that the first couple of days of snowboarding are the worst, so I guess the first hour was always gonna hurt. Yesterday, I went to Milton Keynes for a snowboarding lesson at the Snowdome. This is a warm-up for a snowboarding holiday we’ve got booked for early January. I kept landing on my hands, which means my wrist hurt today. Bad! You are meant to land on your forearms. And then I fell over backwards on some icy snow and my bum really really hurts.

Part of the problem was working out how the clothes work – I didn’t do too well. I got snow up my sleeves, in my glove, down my trousers and down my back. Oh, and in my boot, but that wasn’t my fault.

As for the boarding itself, an hour wasn’t really long enough, but was probably all my body could take given how I feel today. All we learnt was how to get strapped into the board and how to go down the hill backwards. And, of course, how to fall. At first I couldn’t work out why they taught us going down backwards but when I kept falling forward, I realised I was closer to the slope so had less far to fall. Let’s just say the beer on the train home was very welcome. However, reckon once I get the hang of it, it’ll be great.

Now, if someone would just tell me what to do with all these gadget clothes…

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