Man in a skirt

There was a man on the tube today who was wearing a skirt. So, here’s what went through my mind:

  • It’s quite cold weather for a skirt.
  • Those aren’t very nice legs.
  • Is that a man?
  • It is a man!
  • Is he wearing that for a dare?
  • He doesn’t look at all self-concious so this can’t be odd.
  • Those shoes are very smart.
  • He must be about 60.
  • That’s a very orange jumper he’s wearing and he’s quite overweight.
  • Is that the top of a dress poking out the top of that jumper?
  • Is that a skirt or a dress?
  • Am I really wondering this?
  • Is he a transvestite?
  • Is he a woman?
  • Is it a kilt?
  • It must be a kilt.
  • No, it’s not a kilt.
  • I want to laugh.
  • Why do I want to laugh? This is perfectly acceptable, if somewhat unusual.
  • Maybe it’s a fashion statement. Maybe he finds skirts more comfortable and has been wearing them for years; that would explain why he doesn’t look self-conscious.
  • I wouldn’t want someone to laugh at me if I wore a skirt, or anything else for that matter. Except a banana suit. I’d be worried if they didn’t laugh at me in a banana suit. It would imply I *always* look that silly….
  • I bet his legs get cold.
  • He *does* look funny.

For some reason, at no point did it occur to me to ask him what he was wearing and why. British reserve strikes again.

4 Replies to “Man in a skirt”

  1. You should have spoken to the guy in a skirt and asked him about it.
    I can assure you that skirts,Kilts or Sarongs are much more comfortable than pants. When you think about the anatomy of a male, the last thing you need is a centre seam.
    I have worn a sarong on holiday and can vouch for the comfort, and I admire his courage to go on the tube in one.

  2. I am a 58 year old married man, who sometimes wears a skirt, although I must admit Not in November, too cold.
    As a viable alternative to shorts a skirt is unbeatable for comfort and freedom. There would seem to be a double standard in the world today, I can wear an earing,neckband,ponytail (assuming I had more hair), pierce my nose, eyebrows, nipples and other parts of my body,and I might be thought of as eccentric but my orientation is not questioned. However, if I should put on a skirt, I am thought to be crossdressing, trying to get in touch with my feminine side or in need of therapy.
    The lady in my life regularly wears my sweaters, she borrows my T shirts to sleep in, AND she wears trousers and a TIE to work, yet she is not crossdressing!

    I don’t own a Kilt as I am not a Scot, Kilts are Heavyweight and VERY expensive.

    I am not talking about ” girly” skirts, but a denim knee length and loose enough so I don’t have to walk like a penguin and can sit down without frightening the horses.
    It’s just like wearing a sarong exept I don’t have to tie it, just step in and zip up.
    On a long drive, a skirt is the most comfortable thing you could wear, you can scratch itches, rest your bag of crisps in your lap and NO centre seam to make you sound like Kate Bush.

    I admire the mans courage for doing it, I takes a lot of nerve. How many guys do you know that wander around in a towel after their shower? Reason? COMFORT.
    May I thank you on behalf of the cold intrepid fashion icon for not pointing and resisting the temptation to laugh out loud.

  3. I am a woman, so I know the benefit of skirt. I wouldn’t want to wear a pant unless necessary. I always opt for skirts or dresses as they are much more comfortable. Love to see men realize that and start to wear skirts one day

  4. I’m a guy who just started wearing skirts, after discovering how comfortable a sarong was in the heat of last summer (2003) in the UK.

    When I go into shops now, I ask them for size 12 hipster skirts, and when they ask more about about “her size” I just tell them it’s for me!

    The younger ones are usually very supportive and offer all kinds of advice. The older ones only want me to buy something, but that means they also try and help however they can.

    Men in skirts is here to stay, but it will take a while to catch on because men fear other men’s snap judgements.

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