Life changes

Well, I handed in my notice at work on Monday. It’s been a while coming, but was still quite a shock to the system. A few weeks ago Sarah and I had a long talk about what we’re doing with our lives. It came down to the fact that despite having this lovely flat in London and earning enough to be comfortable, we’re not that happy here. The smog, the underground, the lack of job satisfaction, the lack of reliable income for Sarah, the noise of the trains Every Bloody Morning, the expense, the lack of exercise, the lack of challenge, all lead to a feeling of disatisfaction. I went into our conversation convinced that my best option would be to plan to leave London in a year with a new career plan involving lots of surfing and outdoor activity. The more we spoke, though, the more it became clear that if Sarah could get regular work and enough theatre work to make her happy, our money situation would be better and we could go surfing and snowboarding more often. This, combined with me getting a more challenging job and engaging my brain, should make the London experience bearable, while letting me feel I’m doing something with my life. So, tomorrow night I’m going to an open evening at LSE about their postgraduate degrees. And at the beginning of December I start at JKP sorting out electronic publishing. We’ll see how it goes.