Jimmy Carr

It was Céline’s birthday on Thursday and Sarah and I went down to Brighton on Friday night for drinking, eating and comedy. The comedy came in the form of Jimmy Carr and generated a huge range of responses from our crowd. He was, undoubtably, incredibly offensive, but while some of us thought this was funny and self-knowing and harmless, others felt it was genuinely unpleasant, out of touch and even dangerous. The act had an extra edge to it as it was the late show, starting at 11.30, with a pretty drunk crowd leading to some bizarre and edgy interactions.

My own opinon was that his material was of mixed quality but generally very funny. He started the act by being offensive about gay people and presenting Brighton as full of nothing by sexual deviants. I liked this because it meant you had to take him being offensive about ‘you’ before you could laugh at any of the jokes targeting other groups. Anyway, I laughed.