Got something to confess?

Confess all at It’s odd this, as I was thinking just the other day that I’d like to build a site where people can purge horrible memories and things that you dwell on for years (I had had a morning of nasty memories that are never really as bas as you feel about them). I even got as far as looking into domain names and then this site came along. I’ve read a few of the confessions and it’s sort of painful, especially as so many of them desire a response, but you can’t give one. The design and implementation is obviously far better than I’d have managed :-)

2 Replies to “Got something to confess?”

  1. I love this one:

    I once poked a dead guy with a stick for about an hour before I reported it to the cops. I kinda left the stick in his nose.

  2. You know, I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘fessing recently, and more importantly perhaps, the idea of redemption – at what point do we let ourselves or each other off the hook? There are inevitable emotions to contend with when dealing with memory – embarrassment, regret, guilt, sadness, blame. But then, to drag out an old cliché, a life with no regrets is a life not lived at all. I’m sure that your own bad memories are probably mirrored somewhere but who’s to say that the situations you’ve found yourself in have been unusual/difficult/hopeless/ridiculous or that the people who are attached to those memories might not think well of you or badly of themselves? People mess up all the time and then the benefit of hindsight comes along and boots us in the ass for good measure. It would take a very hard heart not to forgive. I think that’s how I’m beginning to see my own mistakes. Any way, you’re only in your twenties? And I’ve never known any twenty-something not to end up with some baggage. No one escapes the 3 suitcase and a carry all syndrome.

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