Ewww, a Mooncup!

So, at Brighton Pride this year I bought a Mooncup. This piece of plastic is an alternative to tampons and I’ve tried it for two periods now. The concept is kinda cool – a menstrual cup which you empty rather than a tampon which you throw away. It’s good for the environment and it’s good for the way you think about your body. No longer do you discard something associated with a perfectly natural, healthy part of your life; instead you embrace it and get it all over your fingures. Sorry to put it so brutally, but that is the reality. So, the pros:

  • it’s better for the environment
  • it’ll work out cheaper (one Mooncup costs about £17)
  • it removes the association of period = rubbish
  • it doesn’t absorb all of the moisture in your vagina wall in a desparate bid to catch some blood
  • you don’t have to carry tampons or towels around, as you just need the one Mooncup

The cons:

  • it’s messy
  • you have to clean it, instead of conveniently throwing away a tampon or towel
  • it can be fiddly to insert and remove
  • it’s normally not possible to wash it in public loos, so you end up wiping it on toilet paper with potential for really mucky consequences

So far, I’ve found the cons to be bad enough that I’ve not used it for the whole of my period, but the pros are certainly enough for me to use it for some of my period. I reckon, this way, I can get the best of both worlds, but it does feel like a bit of a cop out. Perhaps it just takes a bit more getting used to.

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  1. Ah, the mooncup! Without doubt the best thing I’ve bought in a long long time.

    I absolutely love it and can’t think of one single con. For a start, I don’t find it messy at all. I did have visions of blood-splattered walls the first time I used it, but not a single drop actually left the mooncup at any point (I’m on my second period too). I found it very easy to get used to it; it’s so much more comfortable than tampons as it doesn’t dry you out like they do. It’s without doubt very convenient that I work from home and can check as often as I want that everything’s ok (you do have to get used to how often it needs emptying) but I’ve also used it out (the very rare times that I ever leave my flat) and it was fine.

    In a nutshell, I think it’s worth giving it a few gos because it’s so bloody great! And they refund you if you still don’t like it after 3 periods, so everyone’s a winner.

  2. Sorry ladies, perhaps there are some advantages to being female, but so far I haven’t heard any.!
    I am not so patronising as to say you have my sympathy, ( but you do) :-)

    Oh, I have just thought of one, you usually out live us guys and get to collect the insurance, NOT much consolation when you are senile,in a home and smell of wee.

  3. One VERY important point is that menstrual cups are the ONLY safe internal menstrual product, no bleach, no rayon, no chemicals – non of which are needed, and increase the risks of tampons, plus who wants to trust tampon manufacturers who use bleach on internal menstrual products, or more specifically who wants to trust manufacturers who once claimed dioxin in their products was safe!!

    I would totally disagree with the cons. I don’t find it messy at all, the blood stays inside the cup, I have had a Mooncup for about a year and a half now – I have only had to empty it in public three times, I normally put it in during the morning and empty it in the shower at night, so no mess and no fuss, if I do have to empty it in a public bathroom I just reinsert without cleaning…it’s a lot better than carrying tampons around with me for the time when I find blood all over my panties, having to change every few hours, wrap a tampon up in toilet paper until I find a bin, then having to deal with the infection fall out from tampons.

    There are pretty much no cons, but the pros are HUGE – safety is a major plus, environmentally friendly, cheap, body-positive, doesn’t support stupid anti-menstrual advertising, doesn’t support unethical manufacturers, far more convenient, can’t feel them at all, can improve cramps, the list goes on…and you can try them and send them back if you don’t like them I know thousands of women who use menstrual cups and I have yet to meet one who has sent theirs back, and not met many who don’t tell everyone they can about them!

    It has made having having my period SO much easier! I also found it very easy to insert, remove, and clean. I love 1)not having to worry if I have tampons in the cabinet 2) not having to worry if I brought any tampons with me 3) not disposing of all that WASTEFUL material each month!
    Imagine if every woman on earth used a Mooncup, or some other sustainable way of catching menses. Think of all the landfill space that would be saved! When my daughter begins getting her periods, she’s getting a Mooncup tied with a lovely red ribbon.

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