We’re in Biarritz!

We’re on holida in Biarritz and have found a very difficult internet system for acessing our email. All the letters on the keyborard are in the wrong place and I have returned to my youth of not being able to touch type. And making lots of mistaks very slowly.

Yesterday we went surfing and we have lessons today and tommorrow too. I really really ache; surfing is hard work! The ocean is 25 degrees and really fun. Apparantly, the surf wasn`t very good yesterday. By Friday, I will be saying such things with a casual air, dude! Oh deary me.

The weather is v v hot but this town is very civilized – anyone for ice cream on the beach at midnight? the people, on the whole, are also lovely. Our appartment overlooks the beach and this mprning I drank my coffee while watching the early surfers. Brilliant!

3 Replies to “We’re in Biarritz!”

  1. Okay, er, loosely…

    “yeah, great, were you on holiday? best wishes from Germany”

    (this from the man with a grade E at ‘A’-Level, which I suppose is technically a fail :-)

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