Rubber flooring

So, today has been spent laying our rubber flooring. I have to admit, Sarah has done almost all of this job, but I have taken some pictures. I even took a little movie of Sarah doing a ‘floor dance’ to make the floor stick down.

We had a huge trauma trying to choose what sort of flooring to have in our kitchen. We initally wanted tiles, but we made a mistake. We put in our units and worktops before our flooring, so we were then limited to only getting very thin flooring, so our washing machine would still fit under our counter. Dumb? Oh yeah. So then we had a trauma about what sort of rubber flooring to get. The company we went with have a very small range of colours and styles, which meant we could choose between black, very dark blue, bright blue/green, and grey. And we could choose to have little bobbles or just flat. I really wanted the blue/green with bobbles, but it would have looked pretty terrible with the tiles (ug, those tiles!). So we went with a flat, grey floor in the hope that it won’t show the dirt too much and won’t make the room look small (the problems we thought we’d have with the darker colours).

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  1. OK, rubber flooring is probably not a good place to put this but I’m a first time buyer. I’ve read the newspapers, I’ve seen the programmes on telee, I’ve even subscribed to wotmortgage,ehchuck? And listened to more than seven hours worth of partial advice from my friends about what to do and what not to do… Now I’m looking for impartial advice from someone I’ve not even met! Hey presto – enter the world of blogs. Got any advice about first time buying? What worked, what didn’t – What would you do differently? apart from laying your tiles first in your kitchen.

  2. We got a really good solicitor. That’s really useful, it can distance you from a lot of stress when you’re under a lot anyway, and give you confidence that you haven’t missed an unusual clause in your contract or anything.

    Much as we loved the first house we saw, we didn’t get it. You look for different things than when you look for a rental place, and it takes a while to train your eye.

    Take someone else with you when viewing, they’ll always see something you didn’t. And look around the area. Do your future neighbours keep junk out on their balconies? Does the local pub look like somewhere you’d go?

    Look at the electrics, the walls, windows and doors. Does the boiler look like it might blow up? You spend a lot of money buying a house, probably as much as you can afford, and you don’t want to have to replace a lot of expensive things immediately. Nasty decoration is easy to change, don’t let it put you off.

    If you like a place, go back to the area at different times. It might be noisy at night or there might be a school you didn’t notice the first time.

    Ask your friends or neighbours to recommend good plumbers and electricians. You’ll need them one day because you won’t have a landlord any more.

    I’m sure there are lots of other things, but does that help to start with?

  3. Hello! We’re doing our kitchen just now, and I’m really interested in having a rubber floor. How is your flooring doing now? Where did you get it from? Would you reccomend it?

  4. The rubber flooring is doing great, and I would recommend it. We didn’t completely flatten the floor before putting it down, and the bumps are visible, but totally ok to live with. The rubber is really nice to walk on – warm and not slippy and nice to sweep too. We don’t find the need to wash it often (hurrah!). It’s nice in the room, too. We got flat, rather than bobbly, so it’s not too obvious, but it would be possible to make a real feature of it by getting a texture or a bold colour.

    We got it from The Rubber Flooring Company ( – they were friendly and efficient and sent us samples in advance so we could choose. The only downside with them is that they have a very small range, so we went with a grey that I might not have chosen if we’d shopped elsewhere.

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