I call this a holiday?

I’ve got two weeks off work, and this is the first day. So, am I sitting by a pool? Lolling about reading with a cup of coffee? Taking in the sights? No. I’m about to go and prepare my kitchen for the adventure that is laying rubber flooring. Crazy, maybe, but at the end of this week I plan to have a completed kitchen. And then I’m getting on a plane to Biarritz for some surfing lessons. Oh yeah!

3 Replies to “I call this a holiday?”

  1. Don’t forget your suntan lotion – it was 43 at my mum’s yesterday (15 miles north of Biarritz) and today it’s meant to climb to 45. They’re going nuts over there.

  2. We’re gonna fry!

    Although, it’s pretty hot in London at the moment. On Radio 4 this morning they were reading the weather forecast and it said, ‘temperatures may reach 100 degrees farenheit. With some sunny spells’. They thought the sunny spells bit was funny as it’s sort of a given at 100 degrees.

  3. have fun u big fish lol.. well it ent hot here no more its freeezing .. roll on the summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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