Sarah and I went to see Secretary on Sunday. I found it really interesting; it raised lots of issues about power in relationships and also made me far less dismissive of S&M. It made me think about how all close relationships have a power dynamic to them, and often this goes unacknowledged and can be quite damaging. The thing that impressed me was how the relationship portrayed in the film was very overt about the power dynamic. While the woman in the submissive role could be seen to have no power, it was apparent that she was able to manipulate and change the dynamic and the "dominator’s" behaviour. I was also interested at the portrayal of the sex, which I didn’t find at all erotic or embarrassing (but perhaps that’s just because it’s not my thing). I was trying to work out what made this film worthy of an 18 certificate, and for me it would be the scenes of the female lead self-harming at the beginning of the film and not for the three masturbation scenes.

Planet Evelyn is right about the Odeon Panton Street – not a place to visit if you have options. It’s unusually dark for a cinema (“is someone sitting in that seat I’m about to sit in?”) and has disturbingly sticky floors (let’s not dwell on that). Sarah and I also made the mistake of trying the nachos. What is the deal there? Why does the Odeon think it would be a good idea to sell crunchy food with dips to people about to go into a quiet, dark room filled with people who want the room to remain quiet? We ate our nachos very fast through the adverts and I emerged at the end of the film to find myself covered in salsa. Mmmm, yummy.