Online shopping

Hmm. Playing with Cafepress and have set up a few items with a bojates logo in my shop. Just need some top ideas for pictures now. This site is such a good idea – the only downside is that you have to pay to make their site look like your own site, and because it’s based in the US, the shipping costs and delivery time are a bit of a hassle.

2 Replies to “Online shopping”

  1. I’m lost for words. No, really, both Céline and I are here shaking our heads.

    No Bojates espresso cups? No Bojates £100 tamper? Not even a Bojates measuring spoon… Please. What sort of on-line ‘shop’ is this?

  2. Sob. Oh, if only Cafepress would do such things (and with that name, they really should!). I might email them to suggest it, actually. You can get a mug, though!

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