Skater chicks

Yikes! Guess what I’ve just signed up to… Go on, guess.

Oh, all right, I’ll tell you. I’m going to the Sk8board Academy – a female only event held this Saturday – to learn the basics of skateboarding. I must be crazy, but I’m really looking forward to it. I bought my skateboard (gorgeous pale maple with no picture and blue trucks) about two years ago and tried to learn for a while, but I fell off a few times and some boys laughed at me and eventually it seemed like too much effort. Yeah, I gave up too easy. But, trust me when I say that it’s pretty hard for a woman in her mid-twenties, with little sense of balance, to learn to skateboard around Waterloo, skateboarding capital of the world. Humiliation abounds. Anyway, I’m hoping that Saturday will give me a bit of confidence to get back to it and maybe this time next month I’ll be skating to work.

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  1. Go for it! I had reached a plateau in my roller-blading (albeit not a very elevated one, i.e. I could stop and turn and go quite fast with flailing arms) and one one-hour lesson with an instructor later, I could go backwards and do all sorts of lovely nifty moves (still with flailing arms, need to sort that out). It really helps to be taught some technique by someone who actually knows how to do it.

    ps: mid-twenties, Jemima? Hmmm… *cough* ok then if that’s what you like to tell yourself and the world… You young thing you.

  2. mid-twenties was true a couple of years ago when I was trying to learn. Now, not quite so true. ahem.

    I am pleased to hear good things about lessons, though.

  3. I love it, I just turned 21 yesterday…, and today I’m going to learn how to skateboard!!! :) I’m really excited, and actually kinda scared, but hey, i’m learning from a hotttt guy I met yesterday, and I guess when you’re in your twenties, there’s still time to learn how to skate!!!! I’ll probably make an ass of myself – what do you wear to a skate park??!!

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